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Fitness / Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


Modern-day lives in any big city leave you with very little time for yourself and your body. But it’s up to you to make the most of this little time, take a few days each week to keep your mind and body functioning well.


One way is to sign up for a gym near you. Some gyms in Sheung Wan have been around a long time and are old and tired looking but Topfit in Sheung Wan Hong Kong is the place to go to for all things modern and happening. Sheung Wah is beaming with activity all the time and the gym that will draw you in more than the others, looks something like this:

From the many gyms in Sheung Wan, this gym offers


  • A luxurious space
  • Hip, trained, fitness professionals
  • Community: Be part of community that goes beyond gym buddies, be part of the fitness revolution and inspire people around you
  • Key differentiator: knowledge of nutrition that this gym can offer you as part of their offering, making you eat and exercise in tandem

Now that is a holistic experience – isn’t it!


Choose from a variety of formats or even mix it up for maximum effect

  • Group classes
  • Workouts designed for professional athletes
  • Personal, focused training
  • HIIT – high-intensity cardio workouts
  • Cross fit inspired workouts

And much more.

A modern and luxurious gym is what you need to escape the overcrowded gyms in the vicinity. New Year is all about making a change – a positive change. Making a change means taking action. Gear up to take your fitness to the next level and discover what this new gym in town has to offer. Don’t wait another day, satiate your thirst for fitness.

Most important benefits:

  • Happier You
  • Fitter You
  • More Productive You

Make good choices this year and register for one of the gyms in Sheung Wan. By the end of 2018, you will thank yourself for making the decision to start your fitness journey.

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